A Truly Unique Camping Experience Awaits You

img_grand_tepee [Small]After a great day, relax around the king size pool or settle into one of many Tepees or campsites throughout our campground for a good time and a peaceful nights sleep. In the morning, wake up to one of the most spectacular 360-degree panoramic views in California.

The Toneys have gone to great lengths to provide you with the most unique camping experience in all of Northern California. The campgrounds are clean, neat and totally cool. Each site has a fire pit, and for the selected few, an authentic Tepee that sleeps 15 people.

See a Light Show that Only Nature Can Provide

Teppee [Shadows] SmallOne of the most enjoyable experience about Toneys Mountain Golf is the magical scenery. A top this mountain paradise, you can see Yosemite, Blue Canyon, The Coast Ranges, and the City Lights from Stockton to Yuba City, just to mention a few.

At sunset, the sky bursts into a brilliant light show with wonders that thrill the senses, making way for the crystal clear view of the stars and the Milky Way that are waiting off stage. Then wake to a scene that is straight out of National Geographical Explorer. If you come for no other reason to take in the majestic scenery, then you will leave with satisfaction.


Relax By the King Size Pool

Teepee [Pool Innertube] SmallThis pool is a monster. Just get an idea of how the size, it takes over 320,000 gallons to fill this baby. On one side is a rustic waterfall and the other are fountains that shoot over 20 feet in the air. As Jethro says, “Granny, I do declare. That is the biggest cement pond I had ever seen.” This beauty is a perfect way to finish off a great day of disc golfing, hiking, or what ever pleases your fancy.