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Mountain Arch [1] SmallOnce you pass through this arch, you will find freedom. Freedom from traffic and the city. You will experience fresh, clean air, an uncrowded disc gold course and campground. Toneys Mountain Golf if a very peaceful place to connect with nature. The beautiful sunsets and views are a great break from the city life. The disc golf is a great adventure not to mention all of the other activities for all age groups.

The Toney Family :]

Toney-FamilyCome play in our backyard- the forests of California ‘s Sierra Nevada ! Toneys Mountain Golf is located on a panoramic mountaintop. Since 1986 the area has served as our home and location of a small, family-run tree harvesting operation. At the forefront of our daily life is balancing the obligation we have to the forest and its inhabitants with that of providing an environment that offers memorable fun for guests. Applying our extensive knowledge of forest management to the resort’s design, we created Toneys Mountain Golf- a world-class disc golf course of a different stroke. Traversing through our woods are trails and fairways for the fast-growing sport of disc golf. Year round!

We invite you to share in our dream and experience your own adventure.  Call us at 530-263-3924

It’s a great life!

Love and respect,

The Toneys- Mike , Virginia , Michael, Logan ,& Cheyenne


Our Mascots

Don’t forget our mascots. No matter if your playing disc golf or just hanging out at your camp, there are going to be there to protect. They are very sweet and friendly.Babe, Tank, and Isabella are a huge part of the family!




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